Chicago O'Hare International Airport Division
    3rd District Under Command of Deputy District Chief 2-1-23 and Battalion Chief 6 (BC6)
    ALS = Advanced Life Support

    O'Hare Rescue Station #1
    ENGINE 12
    TOWER LADDER 63 (ALS Staffed)
    EMS AMBULANCE 26 (ALS Staffed)

    2-7-8 (Airport Command Van)
    5-1-2(Haz-Mat. Unit)

    6-5-3 (ARFF Crash Unit)
    6-5-7 (ARFF Crash Unit)
    6-5-7R (Reserve ARFF Crash Unit)
    6-5-8 (ARFF Crash Unit)
    6-5-10 (ARFF Crash Unit)
    8-8-1(Mass Casualty Unit)

    O'Hare Rescue Station #2
    ENGINE 10 (ALS Staffed)
    EMS AMBULANCE 16 (ALS Staffed)

    6-3-5 (Portable Stairway Unit)
    6-5-4 (ARFF Crash Unit)
    6-5-5 (ARFF Crash Unit)

    O'Hare Rescue Station #3
    ENGINE 9 (ALS Staffed)
    EMS AMBULANCE 59 (ALS Staffed)

    Squad 7 (Heavy Rescue)
    Squad 7A (Mini-Pumper)
    5-7-3 (Rehab. Unit)
    8-8-1A (Mass Casualty/EMS Support Unit)
    9-2-4 (Mobile Ventilation Unit)

    Map views and satellite views are not guaranteed to be accurate unless they are marked CONFIRMED. Many of the reports represent early dispatch information, which may be incorrect. Not all reports are updated with the correct information.


    More HazMat info coming soon ...

    Map views and satellite views are not guaranteed to be accurate unless they are marked CONFIRMED. Many of the reports represent early dispatch information, which may be incorrect. Not all reports are updated with the correct information.

Division 3 Station and Vehicle Numbers

    Deerfield-Bannockburn (DEER) 
    Chiefs 2000 & 2001
    Station 19 ENG 19, SQD 19
    Station 20 BN 20, ENG 20, TRK 20, SQD 20, UTILITY 20, AMB 20

    Des Plaines (DESP)
    Chiefs 60 & 70 & 80, BN 9
    Stations 1 ENG 61, TRK 81, DIVE SQD & BOAT 78
    Stations 2 ENG 62, HAZMAT 79, AMB 72
    Stations 3 ENG 63, TRK 83, TRT SQD 55, AMB 73

    Evanston (EVAN) 
    HQ Chiefs 2100 & 2103 & 2104 & 2105
    Station 21 BN 21, ENG 21, WR 21
    Station 22 ENG 22, TRK 22, WR 22
    Station 23 ENG 23, TRK 23
    Station 24 ENG 24
    Station 25 ENG 25

    Glencoe (GCOE)
    Chiefs 3000 & 3001
    Station 30 BN 30, ENG 30, SQD 30, SQD 33, AMB 30, BOAT 30

    Glenview (GLVW)
    Chiefs 600 & 601 & 602
    Station 6 BN 6, ENG 6, AMB 6
    Station 7 ENG 7, AMB 7
    Station 8 ENG 8, AMB 8, DIVE SQD 8/BOAT 8
    Station 13 ENG 13
    Station 14 TRK 14

    Highland Park (HIPK)
    Chiefs 3300 & 3301
    Station 32 ENG 32, AMB 32
    Station 33 BN 33 TRK 33
    Station 34 ENG 34, AMB 34, DIVE RESCUE 34/BOAT 34

    Highwood (HIWD)
    Chiefs 3700 & 3701
    Station 37 BN 37, ENG 37, TRK 37, AMB 37

    Lincolnwood (LNWD)
    Chief 1500
    Station 15 BN 15, ENG 15, TRK 15, AMB 15

    Morton Grove (MTGR)
    Chief 400
    Station 4 BN 4, ENG 4, SQD 4 (with cascade), AMB 4
    Station 5 ENG 5, AMB 5

    Niles (NILE)
    Chiefs 200, 201
    Station 2 BN 2, ENG 2, TRK 2, AMB 2
    Station 3 ENG 3, AMB 3

    Northbrook (NBRK)
    Chiefs 1100 & 1101, 1001
    Station 10 ENG 10, AMB 10, DIVE SQD 10
    Station 11 BN 11, ENG 11, AMB 11, LIGHT TRK 10
    Station 12 ENG 12, TWR 12, SQD 12, AMB 12

    Northfield (NFLD)
    Chiefs 2900, 2901
    Station 29 BN 21, ENG 29, TRK 29, SQD 29, AMB 29, UTILITY 29, R 29, MABAS ATV

    North Maine (????)
    Chief 100
    Station 1 BN 1, ENG 1, AMB 1, UTILITY 1

    Park Ridge (PKRG)
    Chiefs 3500, 3501
    Station 35 ENG 35, SQD 35, AMB 35, BOAT 35
    Station 36 BN 35, ENG 36, TRK 36, AMB 36

    Prospect Heights (PHTS)
    Chiefs 900, 901, 902
    Station 09 BN 9, ENG 9, TRK 9, SQD 9 (cascade), BOAT 9, TANKER 9
    Station 39 ENG 39, AMB 39

    Skokie (SKOK)
    Chiefs 1600, 1601, 1602
    Station 16 BN 16, ENG 16, TRK 16, AMB 16
    Station 17 ENG 17, AMB 17, R-17, UTILITY 17
    Station 18 ENG 18, TRK 18, AMB 18, SQD 18

    Wilmette (WILM)
    Chiefs 2600, 2601
    Station 26 BN 26, TRK 26, SQD 26, AMB 26, UTILITY 26, BOAT 26
    Station 27 ENG 27, AMB 27

    Winnetka-Kenilworth (WINN)
    Chiefs 2800 & 2801
    Station 28 BN 28, ENG 28, TRK 28, AMB 28, UTILITY 28

    Map views and satellite views are not guaranteed to be accurate unless they are marked CONFIRMED. Many of the reports represent early dispatch information, which may be incorrect. Not all reports are updated with the correct information.

MABAS (Mutual Aid Box Alarm System)

    MABAS information
    Information is subject to change without notice or immediate updates.


    Division 1

    AHTS  Arlington Heights FD
    DESP  Des Plaines FD
    EGRT  Elk Grove Township FD
    EGRV  Elk Grove Village FD
    HFES  Hoffman Estates FD
    MTPR  Mount Prospect FD
    PALT  Palatine FD
    PALR  Palatine Rural FPD
    PALR  Palatine Rural FPD
    ROLM  Rolling Meadows FD
    SCHM  Schaumburg FD
    STRM  Streamwood FD
    WHEL  Wheeling FD

    Division 2

    Division 3

    Division 3 Station and Vehicle Numbers ...

    DEER   Deerfield/Bannockburn FD
    EVAN   Evanston FD 
    GCOE   Glencoe FD
    GLVW   Glenview FD   
    GRLA   Great Lakes FD
    NILE   Niles FD
    NBRK   Northbrook FD
    NFLD   Northfield FD
    NMAN   North Maine FPD
    PKRG   Park Ridge FD
    PRHT   Prospect Heights FPD
    HIPK   Highland Park FD    
    HIWD   Highwood FD 
    LNWD   Lincolnwood FD
    MTGR   Morton Grove FD   
    SKOK   Skokie FD
    WILM   Wilmette FD
    WINN   Winnetka FD

    Division 4

    ABBO   Abbott Laboratories
    ATIO   Antioch Fire Department
    BARN   Barrington Fire Department
    BCPK   Beach Park Fire Department
    BFGR   Buffalo Grove FD
    CTYD   Countryside FPD
    FXLK   Fox Lake Fire Department
    GRLK   Grayslake FPD
    GURN   Gurnee Fire Department
    KNWD   Knollwood Fire Department
    LBVL   Libertyville Fire Department
    LGRV   Long Grove FPD
    LINC   Lincolnshire-Riverwoods FD
    LKBL   Lake Bluff Fire Department
    LKFR   Lake Forest Fire Department
    LKVL   Lake Villa Fire Department
    LKZU   Lake Zurich Fire & Rescue 
    MUND   Mundelein Fire Department
    NCHI   North Chicago FD
    NTCN   Great Lakes FD
    NWPT   Newport Township FD
    RDLK   Greater Round Lake FPD
    WAUC   Wauconda Fire Department
    WAUK   Waukegan Fire Department
    WHBR   Winthrop Harbor FD
    ZION   Zion Fire Department

    Division 5

    Algonquin LITH FPD
    Cary FPD
    Crystal Lake Fire / Rescue
    Fox River Grove FPD
    Harvard FPD
    Hebron FPD
    Huntley FPD
    Lakewood FD
    Marengo FPD
    Marengo Rescue
    McHenry County EMA
    McHenry Twp FPD
    Nunda Rural FPD
    Richmond Twp FPD
    Spring Grove FPD
    Union FPD
    Wonder Lake FPD
    Woodstock FRD

    Division 6

    Cortland FPD
    DeKalb Fire Department
    Genoa Kingston Rescue Squad
    Genoa-Kingston FPD
    Hinckley FPD
    Kirkland RPD
    Lee FPD
    Leland FPD
    Malta FPD
    Maple Park FPD
    Shabbona FPD
    Somonauk FPD
    Sycamore Fire Department
    Waterman FPD

    Associate Members/Div. 6
    Monroe Center FPD
    Rochelle FD
    Sandwich FPD

    Division 7

    Kankakee County

    Aroma FPD
    Bourbonnais FPD
    Bradley Fire Department
    Cabery FPD
    Chebanse Township FPD
    Essex FPD
    Grant Park Fire Department
    Kankakee Township FPD
    Kankakee Fire Department
    Limestone FPD
    Manteno FPD
    Momence FPD
    Otto Township FPD
    Papineau FPD
    Pembroke FPD
    Pilot Township FPD
    Reddick Community FPD
    St. Anne FPD
    Salina Township FPD

    Division 8

    Belvidere Fire Department
    Blackhawk FPD
    Boone County #2
    North Boone County #3
    Byron Fire Department
    Capron FPD
    Cherry Valley FPD
    Durand FPD
    Genoa-Kingston FPD
    Harlem-Roscoe FPD
    Loves Park Fire Department
    Monroe Center FPD
    New Milford FPD
    North Park FPD
    Northwest FPD
    Pecatonica FPD
    Rockford Airport Fire Department
    Rockford Fire Department
    Rockton FPD
    Seward FPD
    Shirland FPD
    South Beloit Fire Department
    Stillman FPD
    West Suburban FPD
    Winnebago FPD

    Division 9

    CHGO    City of Chicago

    Division 10

    Clarendon Hills
    Forest View
    La Grange
    La Grange Park
    Western Springs

    Division 11

    Forest Park
    North Riverside
    Oak Park
    River Forest

    Division 12

    ADSN    Addison FD  
            Bensenville FPD  

    BLMD    Bloomingdale FPD
    CRST    Carol Stream FPD 
    ELMH    Elmhurst FD
    GLYN    Glen Ellyn FD   
    GSDE    Glenside FPD
            Hanover Park FD
    ITAS    Itasca FD
    LOMB    Lombard FD 

    OKBK    Oak Brook FD
    OBTR    Oak Brook Terrace FPD
            Roselle FD
    VLPK    Villa Park FD
    WARN    Warrenville FPD
    WEGO    West Chicago FPD
    WEAT    Wheaton FD
    WFLD    Winfield FPD
    WOOD    Wood Dale FPD
    YRKC    York Center FPD

    Division 13

    Aurora Fire Department
    Big Rock
    Maple Park
    Pingree Grove
    Saint Charles
    South Park
    Sugar Grove

    Division 14

    Bristol Kendall
    Little Fox

    Division 15

    BRAC   Braceville Fire Department
    BRAD   Braidwood Fire Department
    CHNO   Channahon Fire District
    COAL   Coal City Fire Protection District
    CUST   Custer Fire Protection District
    GARD   Gardner Fire Department
           Northwest Homer
    JOLT   Joliet Fire Department
    MAZN   Mazon Fire Protection District
    MINO   Minooka Fire Protection District
    MORS   Morris Fire Protection District
    PLFD   Plainfield Fire Department
    ROCK   Rockdale Fire Protection District
    SNCA   Seneca Fire Protection District
    SWIL   South Wilmington FPD
    TROY   Troy Fire Dept
    VENA   Verona-Kinsman FPD
    WEMA   Will County EMA
    WMIN   Wilmington Fire Department
    EQUI   Lyondell/Equistar

    Division 16

    Clarendon Hills Fire Department
    DuPage OEM
    Downers Grove Fire Department
    Lisle-Woodridge Fire District
    Naperville Fire Department

    Division 17

    Cedarville FPD
    Dakota FPD
    Davis FPD
    Freeport FPD
    Freeport Rural FPD
    German Valley FPD
    Lena Fire FPD
    Orangeville FPD
    McConnell FPD
    Pearl City FPD
    Rock City FPD
    Winslow FPD

    Division 18 ...

    Byron FPD
    Dixon Rural FPD
    Forreston FPD
    German Valley FPD
    Leaf River FPD
    Lynn-Scott-Rock FPD
    Monroe Center FPD
    Mount Morris FPD
    New Milford FPD
    Ogle-Lee FPD
    Oregon FPD
    Polo FPD
    Rochelle FPD
    Stillman FPD

    Division 19

    East Joliet Fire Department
    Elwood Fire Department
    Frankfort Fire Department
    Homer Fire Department
    Lockport Fire Department
    Manhattan Fire Department
    Mokena FPD
    New Lenox Fire Department
    Orland Fire
    Orland Dispatch
    Palos Fire
    Palos Heights
    Southwest Central Dispatch SWCD

    Division 20

    BLWD    Bellwood FD

    BERK    Berkeley FD  
    BENV    Bensenville FD 
    BRDV    Broadview FD     
    ELPK    Elmwood Park FD    
    FRPK    Franklin Park FD   
    HLSD    Hillside FD    
    LEYD    Leyden Tsp FPD 
    MAWD    Maywood FD
    MLPK    Melrose Park FD
    NTLK    Northlake FD
    NOPK    Norwood Park FD
    RVGR    River Grove FD
    RSMT    Rosemont FD
    SHPK    Schiller Park FD
    STPK    Stone Park FD
    WECH    Westchester FD

    Division 21

    Bedford Park
    Central Stickney
    Chicago Ridge
    Evergreen Park
    North Palos
    Oak Lawn
    Roberts Park (Hickory Hills & Justice)
    Willow Springs

    Division 24

    Burnham FD
    Calumet City FD
    Country Club Hills FD
    Dolton FD
    East Hazel Crest FD
    Flossmoor FD
    Glenwood FD
    Harvey FD
    Hazel Crest FD
    Homewood FD
    Lansing FD
    Lynwood FD
    Markham FD
    Munster FD
    Oak Forest FD
    Phoenix FD
    Riverdale FD
    South Holland FD
    Thornton FD
    Tinley Park FD


    Yorkfield (Division 12)

    Map views and satellite views are not guaranteed to be accurate unless they are marked CONFIRMED. Many of the reports represent early dispatch information, which may be incorrect. Not all reports are updated with the correct information.

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