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    Cardinal Emergencies receives feeds from CHICAGOFIREMAP.NET and fire categories from The Cardinal -- There are also reports of some major incidents nationwide and worldwide. Also included are some fire topic/news posts not directly related to incidents.

    The Cardinal -- is a local news blog that concentrates on Arlington Heights and nearby northwest suburbs with a perspective on Chicagoland. Therefore some of the feeds to Cardinal Emergencies include lesser calls, such as routine personal injury crashes, power outages, and other local interest reports. Hopefully, readers and fans from all over Chicagoland can bear those lesser reports and stay subscribed.

    The Cardinal also features fire safety and Fire-Rescue-EMS incident news nationwide and worldwide.

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    Map views and satellite views are not guaranteed to be accurate unless they are marked CONFIRMED. Many of the reports represent early dispatch information, which may be incorrect. Not all reports are updated with the correct information.



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    Map views and satellite views are not guaranteed to be accurate unless they are marked CONFIRMED. Many of the reports represent early dispatch information, which may be incorrect. Not all reports are updated with the correct information.

    Suspects named in articles are presumed innocent unless they are convicted in a court of law.

    Incident addresses may not be confirmed, and may only be approximate. Information provided is breaking news and may not be accurate. reports what was reported, not necessarily what is true to have occurred, and is therefore a document that describes how incidents were reported.


    DEC 01 1958 1420



    Chicago O'Hare International Airport Division
    3rd District Under Command of Deputy District Chief 2-1-23 and Battalion Chief 6 (BC6)
    ALS = Advanced Life Support

    O'Hare Rescue Station #1
    ENGINE 12
    TOWER LADDER 63 (ALS Staffed)
    EMS AMBULANCE 26 (ALS Staffed)

    2-7-8 (Airport Command Van)
    5-1-2(Haz-Mat. Unit)

    6-5-3 (ARFF Crash Unit)
    6-5-7 (ARFF Crash Unit)
    6-5-7R (Reserve ARFF Crash Unit)
    6-5-8 (ARFF Crash Unit)
    6-5-10 (ARFF Crash Unit)
    8-8-1(Mass Casualty Unit)

    O'Hare Rescue Station #2
    ENGINE 10 (ALS Staffed)
    EMS AMBULANCE 16 (ALS Staffed)

    6-3-5 (Portable Stairway Unit)
    6-5-4 (ARFF Crash Unit)
    6-5-5 (ARFF Crash Unit)

    O'Hare Rescue Station #3
    ENGINE 9 (ALS Staffed)
    EMS AMBULANCE 59 (ALS Staffed)

    Squad 7 (Heavy Rescue)
    Squad 7A (Mini-Pumper)
    5-7-3 (Rehab. Unit)
    8-8-1A (Mass Casualty/EMS Support Unit)
    9-2-4 (Mobile Ventilation Unit)

    Map views and satellite views are not guaranteed to be accurate unless they are marked CONFIRMED. Many of the reports represent early dispatch information, which may be incorrect. Not all reports are updated with the correct information.


    More HazMat info coming soon ...

    Map views and satellite views are not guaranteed to be accurate unless they are marked CONFIRMED. Many of the reports represent early dispatch information, which may be incorrect. Not all reports are updated with the correct information.

Division 3 Station and Vehicle Numbers

    Deerfield-Bannockburn (DEER) 
    Chiefs 2000 & 2001
    Station 19 ENG 19, SQD 19
    Station 20 BN 20, ENG 20, TRK 20, SQD 20, UTILITY 20, AMB 20

    Des Plaines (DESP)
    Chiefs 60 & 70 & 80, BN 9
    Stations 1 ENG 61, TRK 81, DIVE SQD & BOAT 78
    Stations 2 ENG 62, HAZMAT 79, AMB 72
    Stations 3 ENG 63, TRK 83, TRT SQD 55, AMB 73

    Evanston (EVAN) 
    HQ Chiefs 2100 & 2103 & 2104 & 2105
    Station 21 BN 21, ENG 21, WR 21
    Station 22 ENG 22, TRK 22, WR 22
    Station 23 ENG 23, TRK 23
    Station 24 ENG 24
    Station 25 ENG 25

    Glencoe (GCOE)
    Chiefs 3000 & 3001
    Station 30 BN 30, ENG 30, SQD 30, SQD 33, AMB 30, BOAT 30

    Glenview (GLVW)
    Chiefs 600 & 601 & 602
    Station 6 BN 6, ENG 6, AMB 6
    Station 7 ENG 7, AMB 7
    Station 8 ENG 8, AMB 8, DIVE SQD 8/BOAT 8
    Station 13 ENG 13
    Station 14 TRK 14

    Highland Park (HIPK)
    Chiefs 3300 & 3301
    Station 32 ENG 32, AMB 32
    Station 33 BN 33 TRK 33
    Station 34 ENG 34, AMB 34, DIVE RESCUE 34/BOAT 34

    Highwood (HIWD)
    Chiefs 3700 & 3701
    Station 37 BN 37, ENG 37, TRK 37, AMB 37

    Lincolnwood (LNWD)
    Chief 1500
    Station 15 BN 15, ENG 15, TRK 15, AMB 15

    Morton Grove (MTGR)
    Chief 400
    Station 4 BN 4, ENG 4, SQD 4 (with cascade), AMB 4
    Station 5 ENG 5, AMB 5

    Niles (NILE)
    Chiefs 200, 201
    Station 2 BN 2, ENG 2, TRK 2, AMB 2
    Station 3 ENG 3, AMB 3

    Northbrook (NBRK)
    Chiefs 1100 & 1101, 1001
    Station 10 ENG 10, AMB 10, DIVE SQD 10
    Station 11 BN 11, ENG 11, AMB 11, LIGHT TRK 10
    Station 12 ENG 12, TWR 12, SQD 12, AMB 12

    Northfield (NFLD)
    Chiefs 2900, 2901
    Station 29 BN 21, ENG 29, TRK 29, SQD 29, AMB 29, UTILITY 29, R 29, MABAS ATV

    North Maine (????)
    Chief 100
    Station 1 BN 1, ENG 1, AMB 1, UTILITY 1

    Park Ridge (PKRG)
    Chiefs 3500, 3501
    Station 35 ENG 35, SQD 35, AMB 35, BOAT 35
    Station 36 BN 35, ENG 36, TRK 36, AMB 36

    Prospect Heights (PHTS)
    Chiefs 900, 901, 902
    Station 09 BN 9, ENG 9, TRK 9, SQD 9 (cascade), BOAT 9, TANKER 9
    Station 39 ENG 39, AMB 39

    Skokie (SKOK)
    Chiefs 1600, 1601, 1602
    Station 16 BN 16, ENG 16, TRK 16, AMB 16
    Station 17 ENG 17, AMB 17, R-17, UTILITY 17
    Station 18 ENG 18, TRK 18, AMB 18, SQD 18

    Wilmette (WILM)
    Chiefs 2600, 2601
    Station 26 BN 26, TRK 26, SQD 26, AMB 26, UTILITY 26, BOAT 26
    Station 27 ENG 27, AMB 27

    Winnetka-Kenilworth (WINN)
    Chiefs 2800 & 2801
    Station 28 BN 28, ENG 28, TRK 28, AMB 28, UTILITY 28

    Map views and satellite views are not guaranteed to be accurate unless they are marked CONFIRMED. Many of the reports represent early dispatch information, which may be incorrect. Not all reports are updated with the correct information.

MABAS (Mutual Aid Box Alarm System)

    MABAS information
    Information is subject to change without notice or immediate updates.


    Division 1

    AHTS  Arlington Heights FD
    DESP  Des Plaines FD
    EGRT  Elk Grove Township FD
    EGRV  Elk Grove Village FD
    HFES  Hoffman Estates FD
    MTPR  Mount Prospect FD
    PALT  Palatine FD
    PALR  Palatine Rural FPD
    PALR  Palatine Rural FPD
    ROLM  Rolling Meadows FD
    SCHM  Schaumburg FD
    STRM  Streamwood FD
    WHEL  Wheeling FD

    Division 2

    Division 3

    Division 3 Station and Vehicle Numbers ...

    DEER   Deerfield/Bannockburn FD
    EVAN   Evanston FD 
    GCOE   Glencoe FD
    GLVW   Glenview FD   
    GRLA   Great Lakes FD
    NILE   Niles FD
    NBRK   Northbrook FD
    NFLD   Northfield FD
    NMAN   North Maine FPD
    PKRG   Park Ridge FD
    PRHT   Prospect Heights FPD
    HIPK   Highland Park FD    
    HIWD   Highwood FD 
    LNWD   Lincolnwood FD
    MTGR   Morton Grove FD   
    SKOK   Skokie FD
    WILM   Wilmette FD
    WINN   Winnetka FD

    Division 4

    ABBO   Abbott Laboratories
    ATIO   Antioch Fire Department
    BARN   Barrington Fire Department
    BCPK   Beach Park Fire Department
    BFGR   Buffalo Grove FD
    CTYD   Countryside FPD
    FXLK   Fox Lake Fire Department
    GRLK   Grayslake FPD
    GURN   Gurnee Fire Department
    KNWD   Knollwood Fire Department
    LBVL   Libertyville Fire Department
    LGRV   Long Grove FPD
    LINC   Lincolnshire-Riverwoods FD
    LKBL   Lake Bluff Fire Department
    LKFR   Lake Forest Fire Department
    LKVL   Lake Villa Fire Department
    LKZU   Lake Zurich Fire & Rescue 
    MUND   Mundelein Fire Department
    NCHI   North Chicago FD
    NTCN   Great Lakes FD
    NWPT   Newport Township FD
    RDLK   Greater Round Lake FPD
    WAUC   Wauconda Fire Department
    WAUK   Waukegan Fire Department
    WHBR   Winthrop Harbor FD
    ZION   Zion Fire Department

    Division 5

    Algonquin LITH FPD
    Cary FPD
    Crystal Lake Fire / Rescue
    Fox River Grove FPD
    Harvard FPD
    Hebron FPD
    Huntley FPD
    Lakewood FD
    Marengo FPD
    Marengo Rescue
    McHenry County EMA
    McHenry Twp FPD
    Nunda Rural FPD
    Richmond Twp FPD
    Spring Grove FPD
    Union FPD
    Wonder Lake FPD
    Woodstock FRD

    Division 6

    Cortland FPD
    DeKalb Fire Department
    Genoa Kingston Rescue Squad
    Genoa-Kingston FPD
    Hinckley FPD
    Kirkland RPD
    Lee FPD
    Leland FPD
    Malta FPD
    Maple Park FPD
    Shabbona FPD
    Somonauk FPD
    Sycamore Fire Department
    Waterman FPD

    Associate Members/Div. 6
    Monroe Center FPD
    Rochelle FD
    Sandwich FPD

    Division 7

    Kankakee County

    Aroma FPD
    Bourbonnais FPD
    Bradley Fire Department
    Cabery FPD
    Chebanse Township FPD
    Essex FPD
    Grant Park Fire Department
    Kankakee Township FPD
    Kankakee Fire Department
    Limestone FPD
    Manteno FPD
    Momence FPD
    Otto Township FPD
    Papineau FPD
    Pembroke FPD
    Pilot Township FPD
    Reddick Community FPD
    St. Anne FPD
    Salina Township FPD

    Division 8

    Belvidere Fire Department
    Blackhawk FPD
    Boone County #2
    North Boone County #3
    Byron Fire Department
    Capron FPD
    Cherry Valley FPD
    Durand FPD
    Genoa-Kingston FPD
    Harlem-Roscoe FPD
    Loves Park Fire Department
    Monroe Center FPD
    New Milford FPD
    North Park FPD
    Northwest FPD
    Pecatonica FPD
    Rockford Airport Fire Department
    Rockford Fire Department
    Rockton FPD
    Seward FPD
    Shirland FPD
    South Beloit Fire Department
    Stillman FPD
    West Suburban FPD
    Winnebago FPD

    Division 9

    CHGO    City of Chicago

    Division 10

    Clarendon Hills
    Forest View
    La Grange
    La Grange Park
    Western Springs

    Division 11

    Forest Park
    North Riverside
    Oak Park
    River Forest

    Division 12

    ADSN    Addison FD  
            Bensenville FPD  

    BLMD    Bloomingdale FPD
    CRST    Carol Stream FPD 
    ELMH    Elmhurst FD
    GLYN    Glen Ellyn FD   
    GSDE    Glenside FPD
            Hanover Park FD
    ITAS    Itasca FD
    LOMB    Lombard FD 

    OKBK    Oak Brook FD
    OBTR    Oak Brook Terrace FPD
            Roselle FD
    VLPK    Villa Park FD
    WARN    Warrenville FPD
    WEGO    West Chicago FPD
    WEAT    Wheaton FD
    WFLD    Winfield FPD
    WOOD    Wood Dale FPD
    YRKC    York Center FPD

    Division 13

    Aurora Fire Department
    Big Rock
    Maple Park
    Pingree Grove
    Saint Charles
    South Park
    Sugar Grove

    Division 14

    Bristol Kendall
    Little Fox

    Division 15

    BRAC   Braceville Fire Department
    BRAD   Braidwood Fire Department
    CHNO   Channahon Fire District
    COAL   Coal City Fire Protection District
    CUST   Custer Fire Protection District
    GARD   Gardner Fire Department
           Northwest Homer
    JOLT   Joliet Fire Department
    MAZN   Mazon Fire Protection District
    MINO   Minooka Fire Protection District
    MORS   Morris Fire Protection District
    PLFD   Plainfield Fire Department
    ROCK   Rockdale Fire Protection District
    SNCA   Seneca Fire Protection District
    SWIL   South Wilmington FPD
    TROY   Troy Fire Dept
    VENA   Verona-Kinsman FPD
    WEMA   Will County EMA
    WMIN   Wilmington Fire Department
    EQUI   Lyondell/Equistar

    Division 16

    Clarendon Hills Fire Department
    DuPage OEM
    Downers Grove Fire Department
    Lisle-Woodridge Fire District
    Naperville Fire Department

    Division 17

    Cedarville FPD
    Dakota FPD
    Davis FPD
    Freeport FPD
    Freeport Rural FPD
    German Valley FPD
    Lena Fire FPD
    Orangeville FPD
    McConnell FPD
    Pearl City FPD
    Rock City FPD
    Winslow FPD

    Division 18 ...

    Byron FPD
    Dixon Rural FPD
    Forreston FPD
    German Valley FPD
    Leaf River FPD
    Lynn-Scott-Rock FPD
    Monroe Center FPD
    Mount Morris FPD
    New Milford FPD
    Ogle-Lee FPD
    Oregon FPD
    Polo FPD
    Rochelle FPD
    Stillman FPD

    Division 19

    East Joliet Fire Department
    Elwood Fire Department
    Frankfort Fire Department
    Homer Fire Department
    Lockport Fire Department
    Manhattan Fire Department
    Mokena FPD
    New Lenox Fire Department
    Orland Fire
    Orland Dispatch
    Palos Fire
    Palos Heights
    Southwest Central Dispatch SWCD

    Division 20

    BLWD    Bellwood FD

    BERK    Berkeley FD  
    BENV    Bensenville FD 
    BRDV    Broadview FD     
    ELPK    Elmwood Park FD    
    FRPK    Franklin Park FD   
    HLSD    Hillside FD    
    LEYD    Leyden Tsp FPD 
    MAWD    Maywood FD
    MLPK    Melrose Park FD
    NTLK    Northlake FD
    NOPK    Norwood Park FD
    RVGR    River Grove FD
    RSMT    Rosemont FD
    SHPK    Schiller Park FD
    STPK    Stone Park FD
    WECH    Westchester FD

    Division 21

    Bedford Park
    Central Stickney
    Chicago Ridge
    Evergreen Park
    North Palos
    Oak Lawn
    Roberts Park (Hickory Hills & Justice)
    Willow Springs

    Division 24

    Burnham FD
    Calumet City FD
    Country Club Hills FD
    Dolton FD
    East Hazel Crest FD
    Flossmoor FD
    Glenwood FD
    Harvey FD
    Hazel Crest FD
    Homewood FD
    Lansing FD
    Lynwood FD
    Markham FD
    Munster FD
    Oak Forest FD
    Phoenix FD
    Riverdale FD
    South Holland FD
    Thornton FD
    Tinley Park FD


    Yorkfield (Division 12)

    Map views and satellite views are not guaranteed to be accurate unless they are marked CONFIRMED. Many of the reports represent early dispatch information, which may be incorrect. Not all reports are updated with the correct information.


    Map views and satellite views are not guaranteed to be accurate unless they are marked CONFIRMED. Many of the reports represent early dispatch information, which may be incorrect. Not all reports are updated with the correct information.


    Friday May 2, 2014 5:37 PM ...
    Google is switching their maps to a new version. Some of it is improved, such as Street View, but some things aren't so good currently. In the beta version, for example, Google says they are getting rid of their little ruler in the lower left, which is (was) a great tool for estimating the size of a warehouse, etc. during a structure fire. Their new maps format is also more cumbersome. It takes more clicks to get to the traffic status and the markings aren't as bold. Also, Google maps links that are pre-made for EBTS and CHICAGOFIREMAP.NET to show traffic, display properly on the classic (old) maps but do not display traffic automatically on the new maps version. Currently EBTS and CHICAGOFIREMAP.NET is linking for the classic maps (old version), but if an when Google totally switches over, we will try to change so the links will automatically show traffic markings for the new version of Google Maps.

    If you would like to report an issue or make a comment about this topic, please comment on here ...

    Map views and satellite views are not guaranteed to be accurate unless they are marked CONFIRMED. Many of the reports represent early dispatch information, which may be incorrect. Not all reports are updated with the correct information.




    Added terms beyond CFD definitions are italicized.

    Ambulance Assist Run/Call - A call in which basic or advanced EMS care is rendered to an ill or injured person.

    Apparatus - The name given to fire engines, fire trucks, paramedic ambulance and other motorized equipment.

    Arson - The crime of maliciously (or perhaps recklessly) setting fire to property, especially a dwelling. Punishable in various degrees, depending upon the circumstances.

    Backdraft - A fire phenomenon caused when heat and heavy smoke (unburned fuel particles) accumulate inside a compartment, depleting the available air. Then, when oxygen/air is re-introduced, completing the fire triangle and causing rapid combustion.

    Bangor - This is a 50 foot, or larger, ladder that has "tormenter poles" to assist in the raising and to stabilize the sides. It is our largest stand-alone ladder.

    Bank Down - What the smoke does as it fills a room, banks down to the floor, creating several layers of heat and smoke at different temperatures – the coolest being at the bottom.

    Battalion - A number of fire stations in a geographical area.  The city is divided into 24 Battalions.

    Battalion Chief - The supervisor of the firehouses in the battalion and acts as incident commander for fires in his/her battalion.

    BLEVE - Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion.  Explosion of a pressure tank containing an overheated material when the vapor expansion rate exceeds the pressure relief capacity (e.g., steam boiler or propane tank). If the contents are flammable, the rapidly released vapor may react in a secondary fuel-air explosion.

    Box Alarm / Box Card - Developed from a card system which listed the companies that were due to respond on an alarm. This comes from the old practice of transmitting fire alarms through a telegraph system.

    Bunkroom - A bedroom or sleeping area.

    Candidate - A new firefighter on employment probation (a period of time during which his or her skills are improved, honed, tested, and evaluated).

    Captain - An officer responsible for their crew of firefighters as well the firehouse itself and all members on all shifts at their assigned firehouse.

    Charged Line - Filling or using a fire hose line that is full of water.

    Chicago Bar - A forcible entry tool created in Chicago to assist in forcing of doors, bars etc.

    Cockloft - Structural space above the ceiling and below the rafters, often connecting adjacent occupancies and permitting fire to spread laterally, often unseen.

    Collapse Zone - Estimated as an area one and a half times the height of the fire building where a wall may fall. Fireground operations should not be conducted within the collapse zone.  Corners of the building are the safest place for operations.

    Crew - The group of personnel consisting of an officer, firefighters or paramedics assigned to a fire apparatus or ambulance.

    Crosslay - Arrangement of hose on an engine such that it can be quickly unloaded from either side of the apparatus; often pre-connected to a pump outlet and equipped with a suitable nozzle.

    Deck Gun - A large water nozzle attached to the top of the engine. Deck guns deliver larger amounts of water than hand-held hose.

    Defensive Operations - This is a fire ground strategy based on firefighter safety and the protection of exposures. The goal is to simply confine the fire to the building/area of origin. No aggressive interior firefighting operations take place in the defensive mode, usually due to safety concerns for entering the building.

    District - Geographical areas comprised of numerous battalions.  The city is divided into 5 districts, including the airports.

    Drill - Training during which an emergency is simulated and the trainees go through the steps of responding as if it were real, or practicing particular skills to enhance a member’s ability to perform the skill during an emergency.

    EMS - Emergency Medical Service.

    Engine - A motorized apparatus that has a pump, a 500-gallon water tank and hose. Often called a pumper.

    Engineer - The member who drives the fire engine during routine driving and during emergencies. Also operates the pumps to deliver water through the fire hoses.

    Evacuation - Removal of people from a dangerous area, in particular, a Hazmat incident, burning building, or other emergency. Also refers to act of removing firefighters from a structure in danger of collapsing.

    Exposure - Property near fire that may become involved by transfer of heat or burning material from main fire, typically by convection or radiation. May range from 40 feet to several miles, depending on size and type of fire or explosion.

    Extra Alarm - A request by an incident commander for additional personnel and apparatus.

    Extrication - Removal of a trapped victim such as a vehicle extrication, confined space rescue, or trench rescue; sometimes using hydraulic spreader, Jaws of Life or other technical equipment.

    Fire Academy - A location where candidates are trained as well as periodic training of the members of the department.

    Fire Boat - A specialized watercraft and with pumps and nozzles designed for fighting shoreline and shipboard fires.

    Fire Code - (Fire safety code) Regulations for fire prevention and safety involving flammables, explosives and other dangerous operations and occupancies.

    Fire Escape - A building structure arranged outside to assist in safe evacuation of occupants during an emergency; may connect horizontally beyond a fire wall or vertically to a roof or (preferably) to the ground, perhaps with a counter-weighted span to deny access to intruders.

    Firefighter - The member who provides first aid to patients, uses the hose lines to deliver water to extinguish fires, makes hydrants, performs searches for victims and other physical work during an emergency. Also does the station cleaning and maintenance during daily station activities.

    Fireground - The operational area at the scene of a fire; area in which incident commander is in control. Also used as name of radio frequency to be used by units operating in the fireground, as in “Responding units switch to fireground.”

    Firehouse - Another term for a fire station. Where fire apparatus is stored and where full-time firefighters work.

    Fire Inspector - A member of the Fire Prevention Bureau who is responsible for issuing permits and enforcing the fire code, including any necessary premises inspection, before allowing (or during) a large indoor gathering.

    Fire Insurance Patrol - Their mission was to respond to fire alarms along with the Chicago Fire Department and reduce the damage caused by smoke and water. They fought their way into burning buildings to save business records, other valuable items and cover property with their waterproof tarpaulins.  The Patrol was in service from 1871 – 1959.

    Fire Load - The contents of the structure or residence during ordinary combustion of all the fuel in a given space.

    Fire Marshal - Arson investigator.

    Fire Pole - A pole installed between floors in fire stations, allowing firefighters responding to an alarm to quickly descend to the ground floor faster than by using a standard staircase.

    Fire Wall - Building structure designed to delay horizontal spread of a fire from one area of a building to another, often regulated by fire code.

    Flashover - Simultaneous ignition of combustible materials in a closed space, as when materials simultaneously reach their ignition temperature.

    Flashpoint - Lowest temperature at which a material will emit vapor combustible in air mixture. Lower than fire point of same material.

    Forcible entry - Gaining entry to an area using force to disable or bypass security devices, typically using force tools, sometimes using tools specialized for entry (e.g., Chicago Bar).

    Forward Lay - Procedure of stringing water supply hose from a water source toward a fire scene; co-pare with reverse lay.

    Frame - TBA

    Friction Loss - Reduction of flow in a firehose caused by friction between the water and the lining of the hose. Depends primarily upon diameter, type and length of hose, and amount of water flowing through.

    Fully Involved - Term of size-up meaning the fire, heat and smoke in a structure are so widespread that internal access must wait until fire streams can be applied.

    Grease Fire - A fire involving any manner of cooking oil or other flammable cooking or lubricating materials.

    Hazmat - Hazardous materials, including solids, liquids, or gasses that may cause injury, death, or damage if released or triggered.

    High-rise Building - Any building taller than eighty feet.

    High-rise Pack - A shoulder load of hose with a nozzle and other tools necessary to connect the hose to a standpipe.

    Hose Tower - A tower in the firehouse that is used to dry the fire hose.

    Hot Zone - Contaminated area of Hazmat incident that must be isolated; requires suitable protective equipment to enter and decontamination upon exit.

    Hurst Tool - The copyrighted name of the hydraulic rescue tool, developed by Hurst, used to free people trapped in automobile crashes.

    Incident Commander - The officer in charge of all activities at an incident.

    Joker Stand - The communications center of an older Chicago firehouse which involved the telegraph key, speakers and phones.

    Jumpseat - The rear facing seats, occupied most often by the firefighters, on a fire engine or truck company.

    Knocked - Term used to indicate that the fire has been extinguished or the fires progress has been slowed.

    Lead Out -

    Level I, II, III Incident -  A Hazmat term denoting the severity of the incident and the type of response that may be necessary, where Level III is the largest or most dangerous.

    Lieutenant - An officer responsible for a company of firefighters of one engine or truck.

    Maltese Cross - The current emblem of the Chicago Fire Department that is based upon the cross worn on the tunics of the Knights Hospitallers of Jerusalem, AKA the "Knights of Malta".

    Marshall Line -- To be determined.

    Mass Casualty - Any incident that produces a large number of injured persons requiring emergency medical treatment and transportation to a medical facility. The exact number of patients that makes an incident "mass casualty" is defined by departmental procedures and may vary from area to area.

    Master Stream - A large nozzle, either portable or fixed to a pumper, capable of throwing large amounts of water relatively long distances.

    Mayday - (Universally used from French "m’aidez" (Translates to: "help me!") is an emergency procedure request word used internationally as a distress signal in voice procedure radio communications. For urgent calls and request for response, "Mayday" is spoken three times: "Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!" Examples of use of a Mayday in the fire department include roof collapse, stairway collapse, floor collapse, firefighter reporting disorientation or a lost firefighter, firefighter unaccounted for, firefighter out of air from SCBA.

    MCI - Mass Casualty Incident

    Mutual Aid - An agreement between the Chicago Fire Department and nearby suburbs to assist each other during large scale emergencies by responding with available manpower and apparatus.

    OFI - The Office of Fire Investigation staffs Fire Marshals who investigates suspicious fires in the city of Chicago.

    Ordinary - TBA

    Overhauling - Conducted during the late stage in fire-suppression process during which the burned area is carefully examined for remaining sources of heat that may re-kindle the fire. Often coincides with salvage operations to prevent further loss to structure or its contents, as well as fire-cause determination and preservation of evidence.

    Pike Pole - A piece of equipment used for overhaul. Most often it is use for the opening of ceilings. Of all the tools of the fire service, the pike pole is probably among the most often used.

    Pompier Ladder - This is a ladder reportedly named for the firefighters of Paris, who are known as Pompiers.  This ladder has a large hook on one end. A firefighter would stick this in the window of the floor above, climb out the window and up the ladder, where he would repeat the process.  This is no longer used in the fire service.

    Pre-planning - Fire protection strategy involving visits to potentially hazardous occupancies for inspection, follow up analysis and recommendations for actions to be taken in case of specific incidents.

    Progress Report - Reports that provide for an important exchange of information between Command and companies assigned to the incident.

    Rack – Bed.

    Rehab Area - The organized process of rehabilitating firefighters through re-hydration, active cooling, rest and medical assessment to ensure the safety, health and well-being of the exerted firefighter.

    Reverse Lay - The process of stringing hose from a fire toward a source of water, i.e., a fire hydrant.

    RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) - Firefighters with specialized training, experience and tools, assigned to stand by for rescue of other firefighters inside a structure.

    Salvage Cover - Heavy-duty tarpaulins folded or rolled for quick deployment to cover personal property subjected to possible water or other damage during firefighting.

    SCBA - A portable self contained breathing apparatus worn on the back of a firefighter that allows the users to breath fresh air contained in a pressurized cylinder through a face mask.

    Search and Rescue - Entering a fire building or collapse zone for an orderly search for victims and removal of live victims. Becomes "recovery" if victims are not likely to be found alive.

    Sector - A physical or operational division of an incident.  A typical system for structure fires names the "front" of the building "sector 1", and continues clockwise around the building with sector 2 to the right of the building, 3 in the rear and 4 to the left.

    Shift - The work period of an assigned crew which is 24 hours

    Shops - The location in which the apparatus and tools are repaired.

    Shut Off Pipe - A solid stream nozzle invented in Chicago which attaches to a 2 ½” hose line.  After the fire has been brought under control, it enables a 1 ¾” hose line to attach to it for washdown.

    Siamese - A device used to combine two hose lines into one.

    Size-up - Initial evaluation of an incident, in particular a determination of immediate hazards to responders, other lives and property, and what additional resources may be needed. Example: "Two-story brick taxpayer with heavy smoke showing from rear wooden porches and children reported trapped."

    Smoke-proof Stairwell - Building structure that isolates escape stairwells with relatively fireproof walls, self-closing doors, and positive pressure ventilation, to prevent smoke or fumes from entering the stairwell during evacuation of occupants during a fire or other emergency.

    Snorkel - Invented in Chicago, the snorkel is an articulating boom with a platform. It has the ability to spray water from the platform permanently plumbed into the system.

    Solid Stream - Fire stream from round orifice of nozzle. Compare straight stream.

    Squad - A special operations apparatus that carries tools and equipment for heavy rescue.

    Staging - Designated area in close proximity to an incident where responding resources arrive for assignment to another sector. The Incident Commander sets the Staging Area.

    Straight Stream - Round, hollow stream formed as water passes a round baffle through a round orifice (e.g., on an adjustable nozzle.) Compare solid stream.

    Stripping Ladder - Created in Chicago and was designed to assist in opening roofs.

    TIC (Thermal Imaging Camera) - This is a camera that can be used to seek out hidden fires, identify down victims or see through smoke.

    Truck - A motorized apparatus that has a large mounted hydraulically raised  100-foot ladder. The truck also carries smaller ground ladders and varied equipment for specialized functions.

    Turnouts or Bunkers - The set of protective pants and coat worn by firefighters to protect them from cuts, abrasions, heat and flames while fighting a fire or performing other duties.

    Ventilation - Important procedure in firefighting in which the hot smoke and gases are removed from inside a structure, either by natural convection or forced, and either through existing openings or new ones provided by firefighters at appropriate locations (e.g., on the roof). Proper ventilation can save lives and improper ventilation can cause a backdraft or other hazards.

    Vertical Ventilation - Ventilation technique making use of the principle of convection in which heated gases naturally rise.

    Void Spaces - Enclosed portions of a building where fire can spread undetected.

    Working Fire - A confirmed fire in which companies will be leading out to extinguish and RIT companies are dispatched.

    Wye (Y) - A device for splitting one hose into two (usually smaller) lines.

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