Official Facebook Pages for CHICAGOFIREMAP.NET

    Two official Facebook Fan Pages are officially associated with CHICAGOFIREMAP.NET

    Feed only with rare commentary -- almost 100% one-to-one CHICAGOFIREMAP.NET-to-Facebook Wall.
    Cardinal Emergencies receives feeds from CHICAGOFIREMAP.NET and fire categories from The Cardinal -- There are also reports of some major incidents nationwide and worldwide. Also included are some fire topic/news posts not directly related to incidents.

    The Cardinal -- is a local news blog that concentrates on Arlington Heights and nearby northwest suburbs with a perspective on Chicagoland. Therefore some of the feeds to Cardinal Emergencies include lesser calls, such as routine personal injury crashes, power outages, and other local interest reports. Hopefully, readers and fans from all over Chicagoland can bear those lesser reports and stay subscribed.

    The Cardinal also features fire safety and Fire-Rescue-EMS incident news nationwide and worldwide.

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